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Open A green color means you can control that category
Blocked A red color means that category is permanantly blocked

Categories (50)
Adware This category contains URLs that are advertisements.
Alcohol Content that advocates or promotes the production or recreational use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco.
Alternative Lifestyles Non-pornographic content that provides information on or caters to other alternative lifestyles.
Arts & Culture Art that includes the human body with an erotic intent is typically included in this category and the pornography category.
Blogs This category ranges from personal and medical to literary and culturally oriented publications and Blogs.
Chat IM Access to online chatting, message posting, voice transmission and software supporting such activities.
Criminal Activity Includes hacking or cracking, hate speech, illegal drug promotion, illegal weapons, and crime instructions.
Dating Dating is the process of introducing people for the purpose of dating, mating, and friendship. It includes topics related to dating services, dating advice and tips, relationships, listings or personal advertisements, and on-line dating services.
Directory The Directory category contains URLs that produce a directory listing instead of a default html page. This page is generated by the remote web server if no default html page is available and directory browsing is enabled. Generally, Directory site pages should not be blocked.
Drugs Contains URLs that provide information on illegal drugs used for recreational rather than medical purposes, or URLs that promote the abuse of legal drugs.
Entertainment Entertainment contains all things pertaining to music, recreation, amusements, fan clubs, gossip, celebrities, movies, or any other form of casual diversion.
Extreme Includes pages that are violent and may depict or promote torture, mutilation, eating disorders, or other dangerous or disturbing activities.
Gambling Any content providing online wagering and sites devoted exclusively to promote gambling activities.
Games Internet participation of games such as puzzles, arcade, card, and logic problems.
General This category contains URLs that do not belong to any other category. The majority of the Internet is assigned to this category. Do not block this category unless you want to use your filter in the WhiteList mode.
Hate Speech Hate Speech is the portrayal (written, verbal, illustrated, etc) of views that are intentionally overwhelmingly critical or offensive to a person. It is intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violent or prejudicial actions against someone based on race, ethnic affiliation, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or profession.
Humor Humor contains URLs that are intended to entertain or make people laugh and feel happy. It includes jokes, funny pictures, comic pages, comedy clubs etc.
Images The Images category contains URLs for an image file, determined by file name extension. Generally, Images should not be blocked. This is not image search. (Blocking this category will disable any images on all sites)
Intranet Servers The Intranet Servers category indicates the remote server is not located on the Internet. These are normally servers located behind firewalls and on your local area network.
Investing Investing includes Internet banking systems that allow users to invest online, view their equity portfolio, and ask the bank to buy shares or bonds on their behalf. This includes URLs about stocks and quotes, money management, online publications, banks, discount brokerage services, mutual funds, and portfolio management.
Job/Employment Any content that provides job listings and information related to employment, such as resume posting and interviewing tips.
Malformed URL Malformed URL is used when a URL is not valid (for example the following URL with a semicolon instead of a colon: http;\ Generally, malformed URL pages should be blocked.
Network Timeout The Network Timeout category indicates that there is network latency or congestion. The Unknown URL category is always assigned to the request made when a Network Timeout occurs.
Network Unavailable The Network Unavailable category indicates that there is network latency or congestion. This can be caused by Internet connectivity issues or other technical reasons. Categorization of new content will be unavailable until the problem has been corrected. The Unknown URL category is always assigned to the request made when the Network is unavailable.
News General News contains various forms of journalism. It involves the reporting of current events by local, regional or mass media in the form of newspapers, television, radio programs, and sites on the World Wide Web. This category includes any mainstream newspaper, television stations, and radio station site.
No Text No Text is used when the file extension of this page is not recognizable by the Categorization Engine. Blocking is entirely based on the file extension. Generally, No Text pages should not be blocked.
Occult Occult contain sites involving the study of secret or hidden knowledge and includes any URLs about cults, supernatural forces and events.
Phishing This category contains URLs that are known or suspected phishing sites - typically financial fraud or identity theft. Blocking this category does not guarantee that ALL fraud or phishing sites will be blocked.
Political This category contains sites related to the structure or affairs of government, politics, or the state.
Pornography This category contains URLs that reference, discuss, or show pornography, pictures, videos, or sexually oriented material. This category includes nudity, pornography, and any sexual related material.
Portals Portals are web-based applications that provide a single starting point to retrieve information from multiple sources.
Profanity This category contains words that are generally considered obscene, vulgar, or derogatory.
Proxy This category has language translation and anonymous proxy servers. These types of websites can be used to bypass content filtering.
Redirector Page This category indicates a URL that redirects the user to another page. Do not block this category unless you want to use your filter in the WhiteList mode.
Religion Content about the reverence of a supernatural power regarded as creator and governor of the universe or a set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.
Safe Search Safe Search is a mechanism to force the safe search mode on a number of common search engines. Safe Search works with the following search engines: Yahoo, Google, MetaCrawler, Excite, Lycos. Note that if the Search Engine category is blocked, no search engines are allowed, whether Safe Search is turned on or not.
Search Keywords When the Search Keywords category is turned on, any URL detected as a Search Engine is parsed looking for a match within the searche for bad keywords. If there is a match, the URL is denied.
Search Sites Internet related websites and/or applications that search or index any portion of the Internet.
Self Help Self Help pages provide the information or support for an individual or a group to better themselves economically, intellectually, physically, or emotionally.
Adult Education Sex Education is the study of human reproduction, and other aspects of human sexual behavior. Sites in this category usually include topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, abortions, contraception, abstinence and sex advice.
Shopping Includes any site or page offering consumers the ability to purchase products or services online. In some cases, it may include sites that provide a catalog of products that are offered for sale off-line.
Sports Includes athletics, racing, hunting, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and so on.
Technology Includes sites that pertain to technology related content. It also includes sites that offer a software download, either for free as a trial or for purchase.
Travel Includes discussions of favorite travel destinations, discounts for travelers, special events in different cities, travel guides, vacations, accommodation, transportation, regulations, and bookings.
Under Construction Indicates a site that has been identified by the owner as being incomplete - under construction. Generally, Under Construction pages pose little threat and need not be blocked.
Unknown URL Unknown URL is a temporary category assigned to a URL that has not been categorized before or whose categorization has expired. (If you block this category any URL thats not in the database will be blocked, If you unblock this category any URL not in the database will be allowed)
Weapons This category contains information related to the promotion, sale, or discussion of weapons.
Web-Based E-mail Sites that offer free e-mail accounts in a web-based, or browser legible, format.