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Is every bad website blocked?
No true filter stops 100% of the targeted sites. Independent testing estimates 90% to 99% of the targeted sites are blocked at any given time. This percentage fluctuates as new sites go up every day. The actual percentage is very difficult to obtain. Independent tests have placed us anywhere from 90% to 99%. By far the best number to credibly claim is the one from the InfoPeople Project, which was done by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services. Public librarians tested nine companies, including X-Stop, N2H2, CyberPatrol and Websense. Their report was issued in May of 2001. On "Scored On Should Block" FilterNet received a rating of 92%. By comparison, N2H2 received 100% (their issue has always been overblocking), Websense received 92%, and CyberPatrol received 77%. Other tests have placed us higher, but the methods in most tests are so far from scientific, that it is difficult to get accurate numbers. The reality is that the accuracy changes every hour of every day. One other test that we did, just to see how we stacked up against our competitors, was to obtain a third-party list of porn sites. We took 100 unique domains and IP addresses that we had recently added to our database and built a webpage of links for these 100 sites, downloaded other filters, and started clicking. We were genuinely surprised by the results.

ProductBlocking Test
Cyber Patrol 5.027%
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What do I do if I find a webiste that is not blocked but should be?
With our premium product you can immediately block that site in your profile and optionally submit it to us. Should you or one of your users encounter a bad site while online with our basic version, submit it to site review and we will manually review it.
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What do I do if I believe a website is wrongly blocked?
If a site is blocked that you believe should be accessible, submit and we will manually review it.
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Can I override a blocked website with an administrator password?
NO. The account administrator can not type in a password to bypass the filter.
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How can I uninstall TheFilternet software?
The simple answer is you can not uninstall it yourself you have to call our customer support line and request an uninstallation.
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