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The filter designed for the entire family, not just the children. Our goal is to not only protect your children, but to protect you too. How do we do that? Once you have downloaded our program there is no way that you can delete or uninstall it, unless under rare circumstances where the program is causing problems you can call our customer support hotline and we will uninstall the program for you, using special codes.
The only filter that can disable any U-turns. To protect you even further. we offer an optional feature that will prevent an administrator from restoring the system to a date prior to installing our program!
Lightening fast, does not slow down your connection speed. FilterNet works faster than other filters and is easy to set up and maintain. In a recent third-party evaluation, the FilterNet filter was cited as "more secure" than other filters. FilterNet is designed to provide protection without slowing down your internet usage. You won't even notice that FilterNet is there unless you stumble upon a blocked site
Unlimited different profiles so your whole family is protected accordingly. You can have unlimited profiles on your account, that means that unlimited people can access your computers and each one of them could have different categories blocked, it's up to you to decide what to block for whom. (obviously all the built-in blocked categories can never be unchecked so everyone, including you are always protected from the worst stuff)
Totally locked, no password override, no uninstalling, no deleting any files. No password override! - No guessed at or cracked passwords, no way to turn off the filter, maximum protection for children and adults.
No uninstalling! - Once you have installed Filternet you can not uninstall the program, making it safe for adults as well as children.
No deleting! - If someone deletes the programs files manually, you will not be able to access the internet at all, you will have to reinstall the program in order to access the internet again, where you will be protected once again with our award winning filtering software.
Fast download and installation, just 2-3 minutes and you're done. Download and Run - FilterNet really is that easy. The average FilterNet member needs less than 2 minutes per computer to install FilterNet we do the rest.
Supports any ISP from A-Z, any type of internet connection, and any Windows© computer. Works With Anything - FilterNet works with any current version of Windows, with any ISP, any web browser, and with any access method (dialup, dsl, local network, etc)
50 Predefined categories for your convenience. Web Pages are not the only mess on the Net - FilterNet is a total solution for web, chat, email, news, keywords in search engines, and file sharing. We clean up dirt wherever it is found.
15 day try out, cancel within trial period for any reason and get your money back. You have nothing to lose just sign up and try us out, if you are not satisfied for any reason just cancel within 15 days and you wont be charged a penny.