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What is an Accountability Report?
The "reports" feature offers the most secure form of filtering by providing accountability for your computer users. Every web site anyone visits using your computer is logged and reported back to you. Since the reports are on our web site, you do not even have to be at your computer to view them. Just log in with our Master Account password and see every site visited for the last week categorized by user. This feature will appeal to anyone who wants to monitor the Internet usage of their home computer from anywhere - even from work.
How does it work?
Every web request made by your Internet filter is logged on our servers. (only if reporting is enabled on your account) Note that only a few days of activity are kept at one time. Your activity logs are password protected and are not viewed by anyone except you and your Accountability Partner.
What is an Accountability Partner?
An Accountability Partner is a person who you can empower to view your reports. This person will be given a separate user name and password from you, but will be able to view all your reports. Also, you can opt to have your partner be notified if a blocked website is viewed on your computer. Just click on the "My Partner" link at the bottom of the page to activate this feature.
What reports are available?
The Summary Report will display a count of all sites visited and all blocked sites attempted. The Usage Time Report shows a count of your page visits categorized by the time of day. This helps you identify suspicious activity on your computer by showing activity during off hours. The All Activity Detail Report is an alphabetical listing of each site that was visited during the date range. By clicking on the link on this report, you will see each "hit" in the order that they happened in a detail report. You can click these links to see the exact image or web page that was viewed by the computer user. The Blocked Activity by Category allows you to select any blocked category and see the unwanted traffic in that category. Again, click the URL to view the details of the visits to the offending website.
Why are there sites on my blocked sites report?
Note that a blocked website may not have been viewed by the user. If a user goes to a blocked website, the filtering software will block the site and the user can go no further. However, it will log the attempted visit. Sites with only 1 page visit indicates that the site may have been blocked. Click on the URL to go to the Detail Report to tell for certain. If there is only 1 item listed, then this site was blocked before the user could go further. If a site shows up on your blocked site report but should not have, it may have been wrong categorized. Use the "Site Review" feature in your filtering software to request an "unblock". Why is this site not being blocked? If you see a site that should be blocked but is not, use the "Site Review" option of your filtering software to get the site properly blocked.
Why are there sites listed that I did not visit?
This service logs each and every web request coming from your computer, not just the ones from your browser. If you see traffic on your report that you don't recognize then perhaps there is another program making the requests. Automated programs that run in the background such as stock tickers, chat programs, file sharing software and weather watchers can continuously make web requests from your computer around the clock.